In August 2016, Governor Baker called for the creation of a special commission to examine the severity of bullying and harassment of elderly or disabled public housing residents. The first  investigation, by any state, the 19 member commission was also sanctioned recommend legal means for the state of Massachusetts to protect such tenants.

The commission included members of the state House and Senate, state agency representatives from Health & Human Services, Attorney General, Department of Housing and Community Development, and Department of Mental Health and building management and tenant affiliated groups, including MAHT.

In 2017, public hearings were held on the public housing bullying and harassment issue resulting in legislation being filed on Beacon Hill that is still pending before the legislature.

Contact the Stop Bullying Coalition for a more information. 


In 1989, HUD issued fair housing regulations (24 CFR part 100) that generally addressed discriminatory conduct in housing. Those regulations include examples of “discriminatory housing practices that have been interpreted to cover quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile environmental harassment”.

In 2015, HUD announced that they would amend the FAIR Housing Act to include acts of bullying.

In 2016, HUD amended its fair housing rules protecting individuals who experience harassment in housing. Standards for assessing harassment claims, however, had not been clear and may be dependent on decisions by the courts.


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    • Barbara Yabor
      commented 2018-09-30 20:01:41 -0400
      I am being bullied in a HUD building. I am at my wits end, haven’t eaten in days and becoming rail thin. Please help me because I have lost the will to live. Pepper sprayed by a cat hater and ex felon., in 2 prisons. How he got in this place I have no idea. I feed a feral Colony , jsed to be next door and he stalked me and raged at me to stop feeding them, lost our feeding spot in 7 months and he is after me again and so is the Manager. I cant think straight. Nothing that I write or complain about is sent anywhere, This thug is running the building as if he owns it.
      I m Barbara Yabor at Plummer Village in North Hills, new mgmt. is threatening me if I feed the cats I been feeding for 12 yrs. I am over the top in mental anguish. I cant be cruel to any hungry animal or person, yet HUD kis allowing thkis to go on and turning a blind eye. # 818-626-7007, Barbara Yabor
    • Barbara Yabor
      followed this page 2018-09-30 19:52:37 -0400
    • Johnathon Folan
      published this page in Legislative Campaigns 2018-08-13 12:44:06 -0400


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